Thursday, 22 May 2014

Elections 2014 - understood through the 'Principles of Manifesting Thoughts'

A very big event has happened in India. Elections 2014; with Mr. Narendra Modi winning, almost single handedly. It is unprecedented, as analyzed by various PoIlitical Observers & experienced Pollsters.
Let’s now analyze this huge phenomenon through the ‘Principles of Manifesting Thoughts’.
Last 3 years, out of the last 5 years of UPA2’s have been frustrating from the common Indian’s point of view. A ‘Gregor’ which is a huge huge thought form, built by the common thoughts of a large number of individual minds, was formed. This Gregor, which was formed, had the biggest positive attribute of looking towards a ‘solution’; and not the ‘problem’.
 The ‘problem’ was the inadequacies of the previous Government. The ‘solution’ was an individual who was perceived to be having the attributes to ‘solve’ the problems created. And the strong part of Manifestation is that the common thought was ‘positively’ inclined towards Mr. Modi.
Again, to a large number of people, there were ‘no doubts’ that Mr. Modi could govern. There were ‘no doubts’ that he would win. There was just a huge upsurge of feelings (of hope and faith) for his win. There was a huge upsurge of the ‘feeling of positivity’ towards this one individual. Irrespective of what his opponents were saying about him, the opponents were not given any thoughts towards, by the general public (hence the strength of the ‘thought gregor’ towards the opponents was weak). The collective strength of the individual thought forms, laced with belief (without doubt) of Mr. Modi winning or perceived as a ‘Solution to the problems’, was immense.
Analyzing the individual faith Mr. Modi had in him, he was not seen once in responding to any negative thoughts floated by the opposition – be it towards the mis-happenings of 2002 or the uproar towards his marital status or his being denied a visa to the United States, etc.. Hence he steered clear of wallowing in negativity. Instead, his speeches were of positivity- good governance, a strong economy, a powerful nation. This belief in his own self, laced with positivity towards the thoughts he projected, ensured that the ‘National Gregor’ of his win was positively manifesting throughout.
Another reason that the Opposition strength declined was that the individuals of the general public, who had sympathy or support towards the outgoing Party, although supporting them, had ‘no faith’ in them. In spite of supporting, they had a doubt of their win. This ‘doubt’ is what a pin is to a balloon. In spite of support, due to this thought form of doubt, whatever support for fighting the elections was there for the outgoing UPA, burst like a balloon.
Lets now come to two states of Tamil Nadu and West Bengal, which have secured third and fourth positions. In their respective states Ms. Jayalalitha and Ms. Mamta Banerjee, were able to create a ‘State Gregor’ of win for their parties. The positive feelings of a majority (not taking into account the mindless violence, which was also focused on getting a win), in the public mind space, was what helped these two leaders to win handsomely in their states. This is vis-à-vis Mr. Modi’s win through a ‘National Gregor’.
Analyze for yourself this piece of writing, and realize the power of ‘positive belief’ in being able to Manifest your own Thoughts and re-writing your own story. Every thing that you see, is the manifestation of some idea. And that idea will manifest positively or negatively, depending on the feelings you put into it. Yes, with this principle factor, you will be able to re-write your life’s script too, when you apply the strength and power of your own thought forms, for scripting your life.
May love, peace, joy and good fortunes be yours.

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