Thursday, 13 February 2014

How success revealed itself to me !!!

Being an author, and that too on a subject of depth which encompasses so many Universal Laws; and guides to Responsibly Manifesting one’s thoughts, dreams and ideas is a blessing.
Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to write. But strangely, I did not like academic studies, which sounds paradoxical. Though I was an above average student, I never felt that the subjects I was studying could reveal any new thing to me.
I was a normal kid in the sense that I wanted to play and was competitive too, but somehow I was not cut out to be an aggressive competitor. Even later in life, in spite of being a successful entrepreneur, I never wished to be fiercely competitive and ‘wipe out others in the way’. I was suggested to by others to be ruthless and aim at success, but it didn’t strike a chord.
Later on in life, I realized why it didn’t strike a chord? Because I never felt separate from ‘success’; because I never felt that someone else’s success meant it was his alone to enjoy. I would definitely want more from what I had at that moment, but that is normal human yearning. However it never ever created a mad yearning in me nor did it make me feel disappointed or depressed.
I realized what this actually meant, when I started writing and publishing my books and sharing the thoughts, revelations and experiences that I went through. It was because I was not fiercely competitive, that I could actually Share all this with people I don’t even know, perhaps whom I will never ever meet in this life too. But this feeling of being able to make others think deeply and differently, to be a catalyst of change in people’s lives, to be able to share revelations of Laws of the Universe is one of the most exhilarating feelings one can have. That to me is success, when I as an individual Soul matter in the Scheme of the Universe and have been handed down a responsibility - by being a part of it, doing my duty of helping others grow and therefore grow further - mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Announcing the release of my latest book 'Manifesting Smooth Transitions. Adolescence to Adulthood'

Hi everyone. It gives me extreme pleasure in announcing the release of my latest book 'Manifesting Smooth Transitions. Adolescence to Adulthood'. This book is about showing the way to maturing responsibly. It is a must-read for both Adolescents and their Parents.
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