Tuesday, 26 August 2014

“Meditation on Breathing Hearts”

As humans, the daily rigmarole of living a family and social life takes its toll on us. The toil may be physical, emotional or mental. Whichever the nature of this toil may be, it ensures we feel confused, angry, stressed out, with erratic thoughts and highly volatile feelings. Meditation as we know is a great stress buster as well as helps us being grounded in our higher selves. Solace is only to be found there.
Apart from the “Meditation on Gold”, which is suggested in my books, by the Grace of the Lord, produced below is the “Meditation on Breathing Hearts”.
You may practice this meditation, along with any other meditations that you may be currently engaged in. As in all meditations, keeping the spine straight is important. You may sit straight on a chair if it is uncomfortable to sit in the lotus position on the ground. However do not let your spine touch the back of the chair. Also it is strongly suggested not to try this meditation while driving or working at moving machinery.
Sitting with the spine straight and close your eyes. Imagine your Guru or the Lord in a huge form in front of you. Visualize His or Her heart chakra, which is huge in size, full of love, bright and pulsating.
Silently observe the centre of your chest, where your own heart chakra is located. Feel the love in your heart for your Guru or the Lord in front of you. Wait for some time. Next transfer your consciousness to your Ajna chakra (the space between your eye brows). From this consciousness seated in the Ajna chakra, pay respects to the loving heart of your Guru or Lord in front of you. Be still, be aware of the feelings. Gradually raise your consciousness to the top of your head, where your Sahasrara Chakra or Crown Chakra is located. This Chakra is the seat of Gratitude that you feel towards your Guru or Lord. Feel the gratitude towards the love that flow from the heart of your Guru or Lord towards you.
Next, simultaneously observe your 3 Chakras – Heart, Ajna & Sahasrara. Feel the immense love, respect and gratitude you feel. Be still, be aware of this overwhelming affection towards your Guru or Lord.
Thereafter raise your consciousness 12 inches above your Sahasrara Chakra. This is the nodal point of your Subconscious. Lodged in this point of your subconscious, along with the love, respect and gratitude that you feel towards your Guru or Lord, visualize the merging of the Guru or Lord’s Heart Chakra with this Node of your Subconscious. Be still; Be aware of the pulsations. After a few moments, with every in breath (like a fist clenching), draw in the Guru’s love into you and with every out- breath, (like the close fist opening again) pour out your love directly into the Guru’s heart. Feel both the Guru’s heart and your own Subconscious breathing (pulsating), simultaneously. Be still and be aware and appreciate the feelings this Meditation on Breathing Hearts brings into your life.
Return to your body consciousness when you feel comfortable. Open your eyes and smile.
Note: Before and after meditation do jumping jacks and stretching exercises to ensure smoothness of energy flow in your energy body. This is a must. After meditation, do ensure to pat your liver and kidney areas.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Why can’t I come out of this feeling of depression?

I have been depressed for too long. This is somehow not me. But I guess with my consciousness getting older in this body, this feeling of depression is now sticking to me like a leech. The strange thing is I don’t even feel like coming out of this negativity, although the leech aspect is sucking away at my energies, and I can feel it. Not that I am happy about it, but guess, am lazy about it.
I am an entrepreneur, a profession which is signified by courage, by wanting to grow, by wanting to win. Then why is it that I don’t want to do any of these things? Why am I content being as depressed as I am? Why is it that I do not enjoy being with friends? Why do I like being lonely? Have I lost faith in my own self and my Higher Being? If I lose faith in my Higher Being, my very own Guardian Angel or simply put my own Subconscious, which is the connect between me and God or the Universal Consciousness, don’t I know that I would not even be able to breathe. Not because there is a God who would be angry with me and punish me by withdrawing my Oxygen; but if I, the jeev-atma, am unable to ‘draw in’ my life prana, the source of which is Universal Consciousness or Param-Atma, how do I expect to live a Conscious life?
The knowledge is all there. The understanding is all there. But the will to be happy is not there. And whatever I Consciously think and desire, whether responsibly or irresponsibly, in the same hue of the emotion, I know I will draw a magnified experience. Therefore, without any further ado of behaving like a victim with suicidal tendencies, I must come out of this depression as I solely am responsible for my situations. I have to take responsibility of the situations in which I find myself. The situation will change only if I have faith that my thoughts will draw in what I wish my situation to be. And that is what I will henceforth only draw in to my life. I promise.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Feminity vis a vis Masculinity in the Spiritual world

We must have all observed how women in today’s society are forging ahead in their respective vocations. This is in spite of the fact, that for generations, not only in India but around the world, women have had a second-class existence inflicted upon by men and they had to fight for their rights. We have seen how in foreign countries since the 1940s this has been a constant feature. Even today, it is not that 100% of the women are liberated abroad. In India, it is worse.
Let us now see how this is relevant to today’s heading of this blog. Feminity per se is represented by coyness, grace, style, poise, charm, softness, elegance and other such adjectives. This is not only a physical aspect but has deep roots. The deep roots go on to emotional and mental aspects too. Hence women are more sensitive to other’s pains, happiness, and responsibility; apart from being sensitive to their own feelings. There is a subtle ‘power’ in the same.
Men on the other hand are representative of the more rugged aspect of strength, of toil, of creativity, of labour, of hardness. As in women, these aspects too have their roots deep in the emotional and mental make up of men; which hence is representative of their masculinity. Again, we must take into account, that some of each other’s aspects are present in both the sexes. This has also been proved by psychologists.
In the spiritual sphere, in India we are open to understanding and acknowledging the male-female aspect in the form of ‘Ardh Nareeshwar’, for us this aspect needs to be further understood on a physical plane.
Let us take an example of, as to why, women are more successful in business or any sphere for that matter, as compared to men. You would have heard about a business not running successfully and someone or the other has closed it down. Most of such cases will be where men were running the business. How come businesses run by women are not closed down so frequently?
Or let us take the aspect of teaching one’s child, wherein because it is traditionally expected that women being mothers are supposed to give their time to children; in spite of this working mothers come back from their jobs and not only help their kids with home work, they also lend a hand in the kitchen, or in most cases even take over complete responsibility of the family. Is it not that women don’t tire out after a whole day, just like men? They do, yet they go about it. Men on the other hand would prefer sitting in front of the TV or with friends. Further to add, responsibility of the kids or work at home on week evenings is a preferred no for them.
While we have talked about the positive aspects of the women folk, let us also take a few negative aspects of women too, who are after all human. It is said that women are envious of other women; or if they get angry then all hell breaks loose; or if they sulk it is very difficult for men to bring them out of the situation, in spite of continuous cajoling. A large number of jokes aimed at women are about how they feel about their own beauty and how women always tell their age lesser than what they really are. So much for the negatives.
From the above aspects, one thing comes out in a very subtle yet powerful manner. That is, whatever women do, they give it all their heart into it- Whether it is work, or business, or raising kids, or handling the families. Even the so called negativities we mentioned in the paragraph above of enviousness or anger, or sulking; any aspect of their behaviour, is uncompromised because they put their heart into that feeling and work. So if it is anger, it is born out of love for something which did not turn out the way it should have. If they are sulking it is because they gave their hearts to something and the other person did not live up to it. Not that there would not be exceptions, but this is nearly the norm. No wonder, you can be rest assured that you would have a completed job if you have entrusted it to a woman- be it your mother, your wife, your sister, your daughter or your lady colleague. Another aspect that is normally the norm, is that women can be trusted; they do not normally betray for money. Again, this integrity aspect is higher when one puts love in what one does.
So much for the emotional, physical and mental aspects of women. Let us now understand the Spiritual aspects to the same. It is said 'As above, so below’. The Spiritual aspect of life is on the highest level, thereafter comes the mental, emotional and physical levels. What we see on this earth and through our eyes is the lower 3 aspects of feminity. Feminity, on the Spiritual plane is representated by the Mother; while the masculine aspect is representated by the Father. The Mother aspect is felt through love, care, feelings, nurturing aspects. But it is also Shakti (power). The biggest power of the Mother aspect is the love they provide to humanity, their children. All the tendencies mentioned above arise out of love (the heart). This love, is the ‘Shakti’ (power) that makes up the Ardh-Nareeshwar aspect of the Lord. It is this aspect that women receive out of the natural ‘handing down’ from the Universal Consciousness, which intrinsically permeates down to their Subconscious and thereafter to their Conscious karma. That is why women do their work, whichever work it may be- at office, home, in society, with much more depth in their understanding, because this ‘depth’ comes out of love, which is basically their ‘power’. It is with this Naari ‘love power’ that the Shiva aspect needs to nurture the Universe he has given rise to through His masculine creative seed. His (Father) strength is ‘powerless’ if the Mother aspect’s Love is missing in the same. Hence the concept of Ardh-Nareeshwar. Hence the concept that Man is incomplete without a Woman. It permeates down to us in our lives from Above. Men’s ‘strength’ has no ‘power’ if the Mother (women) aspect’s love is not present.
This understanding of the various levels of Consciousness is an intrinsic part of the ‘Principles of Manifesting Thoughts’ that I promulgate and wish the world to understand and be more responsible of their karmas.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Have you ever thought as to why some prayers get answered and some don’t?

Have you ever thought as to why some prayers get answered and some don’t? The God and the devotee are the same, yet there is a difference in the answer of prayers. This is because the individual lacks Faith in the manifestation or answer of some of his own prayers.

In the prayer if he is asking for let’s say success for a meeting or presentation during the day, he believes that it is possible and hence the same very much fructifies. But the same person when he asks for, let’s say a 30 room mansion, it does not fructify and he says that God did not will so. The difference is in his approach and belief. He believes that it is possible that the presentation at office may go good and liked by all. And because he believes so, it does go good. Yet when it comes to the mansion he wishes for, he himself has a doubt as to whether he would be able to earn such an amount in his present conditions to be able to buy it. He doubts his own thoughts, he doubts his own expectations. And therefore you can imagine what happens… It just doesn’t fructify. Same God, same devotee. Faith is in still believing, in spite of your rational and analytical mind telling you differently. Believing that it WOULD happen instead of it COULD happen.

The correct process of Prayer as per the ‘Principles of Manifesting Thoughts’: Feel the prayer as being true real-time. Don’t put the request for ‘in the future’. It will always stay ahead of you and remain in the future only. Real-time believes in the Now. Be relaxed. Relax your mind, your body and your senses.  Do not be tensed while praying or turning the request over to your Subconscious. Do not doubt regarding its fruition. Doubt is like what a pin is to a balloon. Doubt ensures that there is an energy leak from the thought form. A weak thought form cannot manifest as per your desire. Be clear cut in your request. Do not give conflicting and different requests at the same time. A confused thought form will not be able to manifest. Affirm and believe it is fulfilled and already yours. Like in Osmosis, let it sink down in your Subconscious (Creative & reactive mind) believing it is true and already happened. Feel thankful, happy and grateful about its fruition. The emotions of thankfulness, joy and gratitude give positive strength to the energy in the thought form. Hence the thought form becomes a healthy and potent seed for fruition. Through the ‘Principle of Manifesting Thoughts’ the very experiences would be drawn in to your life, as the seed in the thought form would be nourished by the subconscious and similar quality and nature of energy (manifestation) from the Universal consciousness would be drawn in and manifested in your experience, by the subconscious.


Monday, 4 August 2014

What is the Soul? One more explanation by another blind man touching an elephant.

Lord Krishna explained about the Soul in the deepest way than anyone can. Most of us also have read various Masters who have tried to produce for their followers, explanations about what the Soul is, so that it becomes easy to assimilate in understanding. The understanding of the Soul has as many paths as there may be species of life in the Universe. Here I wish to just write a few words, of my understanding of the Soul and its workings, and most of all, our Responsibilities, in the Greater scheme of things.

As per the ‘Principles of Manifesting Thoughts’ aspect that I promulgate and write about, the way that I have been blessed to understand about the ‘Soul’ is explained in the fourth and fifth Principles. They are as follows:

The fifth Principle of Manifesting Thoughts states that “Thoughts created in the Conscious mind are realized for us from the Universal Consciousness, by our Subconscious. The three Consciousnesses are like one egg inside another, yet inside another, with the Universal Consciousness being like the outer-most and biggest egg”.

As explained in my book ‘Manifesting Thoughts Effortlessly’ the position of the Soul or the Atma as explained in the various traditions is somewhat like this. Please try and understand the same as per the Principle given above, with the example of one egg inside another, yet inside another.

1.       Hindu tradition: The top most layer, or the layer covering and encompassing all other layers is Param Atma of Parabrahman; the middle layer or the middle egg is the Atma; the innermost layer is the Jeev Atma, which is us. A portion of the Atma is projected down into us, the ‘Jeev’. Therefore, the Jeev Atma, the Atma and the Param Atma are always connected and similar in a way. The difference between the three levels is of purity & intensity.
2.       Buddhist tradition: The top most layer is known as the Supreme Being; the middle layer is known as the Higher Soul; and the portion which is us, is known as the Incarnated Soul. This incarnated soul is in each of the thousands of species which comprise the mineral life, plant life, animal life and the human life.
3.       Christian tradition: Similarly in the Christian tradition, the three layers are known as The Holy Spirit, the Father and the Son.

The above is explained as per the ‘Principles of Manifesting Thoughts’ as : Outermost layer is known as the Universal Consciousness; the middle layer is the Subconscious mind; and the innermost layer which is a part of us humans, as we understand – the Conscious Mind. This Conscious mind or our own Consciousness is what my research and understanding of the Atma is based upon.

Let us now further explain using the fourth Principle of Manifesting Thoughts which states that “The Universal Consciousness which encompasses all is the strongest, vastest, and purest form of energy known. It is present in and controls all activities, including the movement of galaxies. All wisdom, knowledge, inventions, prosperity, etc. are contained in it. Our Subconscious is a part of the Universal Consciousness. It is the inter-connect for our Conscious mind and is also the storehouse of habits, memory and karmic records”.

This Principle clearly states that the Universal Consciousness (as in Param Atma) is the strongest, vastest, and purest form of energy known. It is the Omnipresent, Omniscient level of Consciousness which encompasses all. The next layer is the layer of the Subconscious (Atma), which is part & parcel of Param Atma (Universal Consciousness). This layer which is denser than the Param Atma layer of energy, is the energy which is travelling with the Jeev Atma since the beginning. Its main work is to keep aakashic records of karma, store the habits and memories of the Jeev Atma. Even when the Jeev Atma changes bodies (as in dying of the physical body), this Subconscious (Atma) part is always with the Jeev Atma. At the time of death, or of transferring between the various incarnations or births, the Atma pulls up the Jeev Atma (Conscious) part of the energy into its womb. At the time of freshly incarnating, it is this Atma which lowers the Jeev Atma to carry on with its experiences and work, by lowering it into the mother’s womb. This same Subconscious which is present with the Jeev Atma, imbibes the thoughts, fears, happiness of the mother in whose womb the Jeev Atma is placed and hence a  number of qualities & impressions that the mother experiences, are ensconced in the Subconscious.

Another major work of the Subconscious, when it is acknowledged and used correctly is to draw experiences for the Jeev Atma from the Param Atma aspect. Experiences could be of knowledge, money, power, relationships, health or anything for that matter. The Subconscious is the inter-connect between the Jeev Atma (Consciousness) and Param Atma (Universal Consciousness). Using responsible thoughts, karma and guidance from one’s Atma, one can transcend the Jeev Atma stage by purifying and permanently withdrawing into the Atma stage. This is also known as ‘Nirvana’.


Saturday, 2 August 2014

What does one do, when all efforts fail in life? What is the way out?

A very pertinent question comes in people’s mind, especially when one feels down is “what does one do, when all efforts fail?” One of my teachers used to say, at such times to ‘Just Be’.
Just Be Still and wait. If you have done all that needs to be done, and have not received according to your expectations, then Just Be, because there are a lot of factors which play in the background, which are beyond your immediate control. These background factors (such as cyclical events, karmic factors, etc.), depending on their intensity, sometimes delay the manifestation of results, thus confusing and depressing the human mind. Remember, these background factors are lodged in our subconscious, hence not easily accessible to the active consciousness, unless one is a high meditation practitioner, so it is not easy for us ordinary humans to be able to decipher many a reason.
These thoughts have not been written to bog you down further, but rather to prod you ahead, because many of these factors can be neutralized, by actively working towards changing the scenario. As we learnt during school, minus and plus actively work on each other and get you a result. It is something like that only. Let us take up these fears according to the ‘Principles of Manifesting Thoughts’.
The first Principle of Manifesting Thoughts states that whatever your dominant/ habitual/ believed thoughts are, you will attract similar experiences into your life. “Energy follows thought” – If there be unhappy situations which cyclically come back to you, in spite of your best intentions and doings, you need to first of all ensure that you ‘correct’ the way of your thinking. If you fear failure as a norm, if depression is a habit, if you are unable to have faith on your own ‘luck’ factor, then you are for sure using this Principle against yourself. To begin with, simply change the mode of thinking to the opposite. ‘Make believe’ that you are lucky. ‘Make believe’ and have a clear vision in your mind of the success you wish to achieve in whichever part of your life (social, professional, personal relationships, financial success). Then believe that you are blessed to be lucky that all these visions have already manifested in your life. “Energy follows thought” and only your own thoughts can command and steer the experiences into your own life.
The second ‘Principle of Manifesting Thoughts’ explains that Thought forms laced with any particular emotion, manifest in the hue of the emotion. Thoughts with positive emotions beget positive manifestation and vice versaTherefore, as per the first Principle, if you are positive and clear-minded as to how the manifestation of the vision in real life would make you ‘feel’, the thoughts will ‘positively’ materialize for you. If you have even an iota of doubt as to the manifestation of the same, you would have used this doubt with the effect of a ‘pin to a balloon’. Simply said, you would have leaked out the energy of concretizing and manifesting your thought by being negative or doubting its reality. As the seventh Principle conveys - Whatever thoughts laced with emotions and beliefs are created by our Conscious mind, our Subconscious begets similar magnified experiences from the Universal Consciousness. This is Manifestation of Thought. Hence, think responsibly and work out your karma and negative times by smartly attracting magnified experiences from the Universal Consciousness. Rest assured you would be guided to produce positive karma and hence not only speed up the manifesting of your desire, you would also be made ‘worthy of receiving’ the same.
As the sixth ‘Principle of Manifesting Thoughts’ states - One good deed begets ten more and similarly one bad deed begets ten more. Karmic manifestations are magnified in nature. Be aware and be responsible of your karma - Visualizing with positive feelings is the first step. But to speed up the manifestation of your vision soon, you need to create a fertilized ground for the seed of your vision to fructify. You need to actively work towards generating good karma. This good karma is what you provide as a ‘fertilizer’ to concretize the vision. The Subconscious works intrinsically with the Universal Consciousness to beget it for you, based on this fertilizer of good karma.