Saturday, 2 August 2014

What does one do, when all efforts fail in life? What is the way out?

A very pertinent question comes in people’s mind, especially when one feels down is “what does one do, when all efforts fail?” One of my teachers used to say, at such times to ‘Just Be’.
Just Be Still and wait. If you have done all that needs to be done, and have not received according to your expectations, then Just Be, because there are a lot of factors which play in the background, which are beyond your immediate control. These background factors (such as cyclical events, karmic factors, etc.), depending on their intensity, sometimes delay the manifestation of results, thus confusing and depressing the human mind. Remember, these background factors are lodged in our subconscious, hence not easily accessible to the active consciousness, unless one is a high meditation practitioner, so it is not easy for us ordinary humans to be able to decipher many a reason.
These thoughts have not been written to bog you down further, but rather to prod you ahead, because many of these factors can be neutralized, by actively working towards changing the scenario. As we learnt during school, minus and plus actively work on each other and get you a result. It is something like that only. Let us take up these fears according to the ‘Principles of Manifesting Thoughts’.
The first Principle of Manifesting Thoughts states that whatever your dominant/ habitual/ believed thoughts are, you will attract similar experiences into your life. “Energy follows thought” – If there be unhappy situations which cyclically come back to you, in spite of your best intentions and doings, you need to first of all ensure that you ‘correct’ the way of your thinking. If you fear failure as a norm, if depression is a habit, if you are unable to have faith on your own ‘luck’ factor, then you are for sure using this Principle against yourself. To begin with, simply change the mode of thinking to the opposite. ‘Make believe’ that you are lucky. ‘Make believe’ and have a clear vision in your mind of the success you wish to achieve in whichever part of your life (social, professional, personal relationships, financial success). Then believe that you are blessed to be lucky that all these visions have already manifested in your life. “Energy follows thought” and only your own thoughts can command and steer the experiences into your own life.
The second ‘Principle of Manifesting Thoughts’ explains that Thought forms laced with any particular emotion, manifest in the hue of the emotion. Thoughts with positive emotions beget positive manifestation and vice versaTherefore, as per the first Principle, if you are positive and clear-minded as to how the manifestation of the vision in real life would make you ‘feel’, the thoughts will ‘positively’ materialize for you. If you have even an iota of doubt as to the manifestation of the same, you would have used this doubt with the effect of a ‘pin to a balloon’. Simply said, you would have leaked out the energy of concretizing and manifesting your thought by being negative or doubting its reality. As the seventh Principle conveys - Whatever thoughts laced with emotions and beliefs are created by our Conscious mind, our Subconscious begets similar magnified experiences from the Universal Consciousness. This is Manifestation of Thought. Hence, think responsibly and work out your karma and negative times by smartly attracting magnified experiences from the Universal Consciousness. Rest assured you would be guided to produce positive karma and hence not only speed up the manifesting of your desire, you would also be made ‘worthy of receiving’ the same.
As the sixth ‘Principle of Manifesting Thoughts’ states - One good deed begets ten more and similarly one bad deed begets ten more. Karmic manifestations are magnified in nature. Be aware and be responsible of your karma - Visualizing with positive feelings is the first step. But to speed up the manifestation of your vision soon, you need to create a fertilized ground for the seed of your vision to fructify. You need to actively work towards generating good karma. This good karma is what you provide as a ‘fertilizer’ to concretize the vision. The Subconscious works intrinsically with the Universal Consciousness to beget it for you, based on this fertilizer of good karma.