Monday, 4 August 2014

What is the Soul? One more explanation by another blind man touching an elephant.

Lord Krishna explained about the Soul in the deepest way than anyone can. Most of us also have read various Masters who have tried to produce for their followers, explanations about what the Soul is, so that it becomes easy to assimilate in understanding. The understanding of the Soul has as many paths as there may be species of life in the Universe. Here I wish to just write a few words, of my understanding of the Soul and its workings, and most of all, our Responsibilities, in the Greater scheme of things.

As per the ‘Principles of Manifesting Thoughts’ aspect that I promulgate and write about, the way that I have been blessed to understand about the ‘Soul’ is explained in the fourth and fifth Principles. They are as follows:

The fifth Principle of Manifesting Thoughts states that “Thoughts created in the Conscious mind are realized for us from the Universal Consciousness, by our Subconscious. The three Consciousnesses are like one egg inside another, yet inside another, with the Universal Consciousness being like the outer-most and biggest egg”.

As explained in my book ‘Manifesting Thoughts Effortlessly’ the position of the Soul or the Atma as explained in the various traditions is somewhat like this. Please try and understand the same as per the Principle given above, with the example of one egg inside another, yet inside another.

1.       Hindu tradition: The top most layer, or the layer covering and encompassing all other layers is Param Atma of Parabrahman; the middle layer or the middle egg is the Atma; the innermost layer is the Jeev Atma, which is us. A portion of the Atma is projected down into us, the ‘Jeev’. Therefore, the Jeev Atma, the Atma and the Param Atma are always connected and similar in a way. The difference between the three levels is of purity & intensity.
2.       Buddhist tradition: The top most layer is known as the Supreme Being; the middle layer is known as the Higher Soul; and the portion which is us, is known as the Incarnated Soul. This incarnated soul is in each of the thousands of species which comprise the mineral life, plant life, animal life and the human life.
3.       Christian tradition: Similarly in the Christian tradition, the three layers are known as The Holy Spirit, the Father and the Son.

The above is explained as per the ‘Principles of Manifesting Thoughts’ as : Outermost layer is known as the Universal Consciousness; the middle layer is the Subconscious mind; and the innermost layer which is a part of us humans, as we understand – the Conscious Mind. This Conscious mind or our own Consciousness is what my research and understanding of the Atma is based upon.

Let us now further explain using the fourth Principle of Manifesting Thoughts which states that “The Universal Consciousness which encompasses all is the strongest, vastest, and purest form of energy known. It is present in and controls all activities, including the movement of galaxies. All wisdom, knowledge, inventions, prosperity, etc. are contained in it. Our Subconscious is a part of the Universal Consciousness. It is the inter-connect for our Conscious mind and is also the storehouse of habits, memory and karmic records”.

This Principle clearly states that the Universal Consciousness (as in Param Atma) is the strongest, vastest, and purest form of energy known. It is the Omnipresent, Omniscient level of Consciousness which encompasses all. The next layer is the layer of the Subconscious (Atma), which is part & parcel of Param Atma (Universal Consciousness). This layer which is denser than the Param Atma layer of energy, is the energy which is travelling with the Jeev Atma since the beginning. Its main work is to keep aakashic records of karma, store the habits and memories of the Jeev Atma. Even when the Jeev Atma changes bodies (as in dying of the physical body), this Subconscious (Atma) part is always with the Jeev Atma. At the time of death, or of transferring between the various incarnations or births, the Atma pulls up the Jeev Atma (Conscious) part of the energy into its womb. At the time of freshly incarnating, it is this Atma which lowers the Jeev Atma to carry on with its experiences and work, by lowering it into the mother’s womb. This same Subconscious which is present with the Jeev Atma, imbibes the thoughts, fears, happiness of the mother in whose womb the Jeev Atma is placed and hence a  number of qualities & impressions that the mother experiences, are ensconced in the Subconscious.

Another major work of the Subconscious, when it is acknowledged and used correctly is to draw experiences for the Jeev Atma from the Param Atma aspect. Experiences could be of knowledge, money, power, relationships, health or anything for that matter. The Subconscious is the inter-connect between the Jeev Atma (Consciousness) and Param Atma (Universal Consciousness). Using responsible thoughts, karma and guidance from one’s Atma, one can transcend the Jeev Atma stage by purifying and permanently withdrawing into the Atma stage. This is also known as ‘Nirvana’.