Tuesday, 26 August 2014

“Meditation on Breathing Hearts”

As humans, the daily rigmarole of living a family and social life takes its toll on us. The toil may be physical, emotional or mental. Whichever the nature of this toil may be, it ensures we feel confused, angry, stressed out, with erratic thoughts and highly volatile feelings. Meditation as we know is a great stress buster as well as helps us being grounded in our higher selves. Solace is only to be found there.
Apart from the “Meditation on Gold”, which is suggested in my books, by the Grace of the Lord, produced below is the “Meditation on Breathing Hearts”.
You may practice this meditation, along with any other meditations that you may be currently engaged in. As in all meditations, keeping the spine straight is important. You may sit straight on a chair if it is uncomfortable to sit in the lotus position on the ground. However do not let your spine touch the back of the chair. Also it is strongly suggested not to try this meditation while driving or working at moving machinery.
Sitting with the spine straight and close your eyes. Imagine your Guru or the Lord in a huge form in front of you. Visualize His or Her heart chakra, which is huge in size, full of love, bright and pulsating.
Silently observe the centre of your chest, where your own heart chakra is located. Feel the love in your heart for your Guru or the Lord in front of you. Wait for some time. Next transfer your consciousness to your Ajna chakra (the space between your eye brows). From this consciousness seated in the Ajna chakra, pay respects to the loving heart of your Guru or Lord in front of you. Be still, be aware of the feelings. Gradually raise your consciousness to the top of your head, where your Sahasrara Chakra or Crown Chakra is located. This Chakra is the seat of Gratitude that you feel towards your Guru or Lord. Feel the gratitude towards the love that flow from the heart of your Guru or Lord towards you.
Next, simultaneously observe your 3 Chakras – Heart, Ajna & Sahasrara. Feel the immense love, respect and gratitude you feel. Be still, be aware of this overwhelming affection towards your Guru or Lord.
Thereafter raise your consciousness 12 inches above your Sahasrara Chakra. This is the nodal point of your Subconscious. Lodged in this point of your subconscious, along with the love, respect and gratitude that you feel towards your Guru or Lord, visualize the merging of the Guru or Lord’s Heart Chakra with this Node of your Subconscious. Be still; Be aware of the pulsations. After a few moments, with every in breath (like a fist clenching), draw in the Guru’s love into you and with every out- breath, (like the close fist opening again) pour out your love directly into the Guru’s heart. Feel both the Guru’s heart and your own Subconscious breathing (pulsating), simultaneously. Be still and be aware and appreciate the feelings this Meditation on Breathing Hearts brings into your life.
Return to your body consciousness when you feel comfortable. Open your eyes and smile.
Note: Before and after meditation do jumping jacks and stretching exercises to ensure smoothness of energy flow in your energy body. This is a must. After meditation, do ensure to pat your liver and kidney areas.