Friday, 8 August 2014

Have you ever thought as to why some prayers get answered and some don’t?

Have you ever thought as to why some prayers get answered and some don’t? The God and the devotee are the same, yet there is a difference in the answer of prayers. This is because the individual lacks Faith in the manifestation or answer of some of his own prayers.

In the prayer if he is asking for let’s say success for a meeting or presentation during the day, he believes that it is possible and hence the same very much fructifies. But the same person when he asks for, let’s say a 30 room mansion, it does not fructify and he says that God did not will so. The difference is in his approach and belief. He believes that it is possible that the presentation at office may go good and liked by all. And because he believes so, it does go good. Yet when it comes to the mansion he wishes for, he himself has a doubt as to whether he would be able to earn such an amount in his present conditions to be able to buy it. He doubts his own thoughts, he doubts his own expectations. And therefore you can imagine what happens… It just doesn’t fructify. Same God, same devotee. Faith is in still believing, in spite of your rational and analytical mind telling you differently. Believing that it WOULD happen instead of it COULD happen.

The correct process of Prayer as per the ‘Principles of Manifesting Thoughts’: Feel the prayer as being true real-time. Don’t put the request for ‘in the future’. It will always stay ahead of you and remain in the future only. Real-time believes in the Now. Be relaxed. Relax your mind, your body and your senses.  Do not be tensed while praying or turning the request over to your Subconscious. Do not doubt regarding its fruition. Doubt is like what a pin is to a balloon. Doubt ensures that there is an energy leak from the thought form. A weak thought form cannot manifest as per your desire. Be clear cut in your request. Do not give conflicting and different requests at the same time. A confused thought form will not be able to manifest. Affirm and believe it is fulfilled and already yours. Like in Osmosis, let it sink down in your Subconscious (Creative & reactive mind) believing it is true and already happened. Feel thankful, happy and grateful about its fruition. The emotions of thankfulness, joy and gratitude give positive strength to the energy in the thought form. Hence the thought form becomes a healthy and potent seed for fruition. Through the ‘Principle of Manifesting Thoughts’ the very experiences would be drawn in to your life, as the seed in the thought form would be nourished by the subconscious and similar quality and nature of energy (manifestation) from the Universal consciousness would be drawn in and manifested in your experience, by the subconscious.