Thursday, 31 July 2014

The funds crunch syndrome / Why does this funds problem not leave me?

This is true with a lot of people. Prosperity somehow keeps on eluding them. Not that they do not follow the principles of hard work, savings, charity, service. Yet they are always lacking in abundance. Let us look at this through the ‘Principles of Manifesting Thoughts’.
First of all, the responsibility has to be accepted that whatever is the condition, the individual himself or herself is the Manifester of the same. Once this feeling that ‘conditions’ or the ‘reasons’ are not because of someone else, but fallout of one’s own thought & karmic processes, the acknowledgement of this will be clear.
The first Principle of Manifesting Thoughts states that whatever your dominant/ habitual/ believed thoughts are, you will attract similar experiences into your life. “Energy follows thought” – Hence the individual needs to come out of this constant feeling of paucity. He or she needs to ensure that the thoughts they produce must be positive towards prosperity & abundance. Even if they see someone else prosperous, it is important to feel nice for the other person, instead of cribbing about it. This positive feeling will ensure that the manifestation of prosperity will be speeded up in their own lives. They need to necessarily overlook their own paucity and have a healthy, wholesome & positive attitude towards prosperity & abundance.
Thought forms laced with any particular emotion, manifest in the hue of the emotion. Thoughts with positive emotions beget positive manifestation and vice versa- The second ‘Principle of Manifesting Thoughts’ is very clear that in case the person is thinking about prosperity, but is negative to the feeling of his own lack of funds, the manifestation of prosperity will be filled with negativity in his life. Even when funds do flow in, they will flow out faster, as prosperity and negativity cannot be at one place.
As thought forms embed and grow, whatever thoughts are produced by our conscious mind, verily move between our Conscious and Subconscious. This is the reason our personalities reflect our thoughts. Our personalities are a reflection of our Subconscious  (The third Principle of Manifesting Thoughts) - The thoughts of lack of money actually embed in our aura and therefore these conscious thoughts, move towards our Subconscious mind and fructify there. This fructification is bigger and stronger as the Subconscious is a much larger energy field. As our personalities reflect our Subconscious mind, the personality of the individual itself becomes one like a pauper. Hence attracting prosperity is impossible. The Conscious thoughts need to change positively and therefore as the next step take over and weed out the embedding of ‘poor’ thoughts from the Subconscious.
Our Subconscious is a part of the Universal Consciousness. It is the inter-connect for our Conscious mind and is also the storehouse of habits, memory and karmic records  (The fourth Principle of Manifesting Thoughts) – Karmic reasons such as having hurt somebody financially, whether in this birth or before; or having usurped the money of someone weak; or any such act or karma which financially affected someone negatively will obviously come back as the same are already embedded in our Subconscious minds. So is there no way of reducing the sufferings which we may have unknowingly done or done in some previous lives? Yes there is. What you can do to neutralize negative karma is to create ‘opposite’ good karma. Give charity to the weak. Help out a poor student in studies or pay for the medicines of a poor person. In short serve the weak and poor, in spite of your own tight finances in ways to make them prosper and abundant. This will help to generate new good karma, which will act in ‘neutralizing’ or ‘erasing’ out old karma which cause lack of prosperity. But remember, the way your own old karmas have ‘embedded & grown’ over time as well as in density, a large amount of service and constant creation of good karmas is important.  The sixth ‘Principle of Manifesting Thoughts’ states that One good deed begets ten more and similarly one bad deed begets ten more. Karmic manifestations are magnified in nature. Be aware and be responsible of your karma. This one realizes only when one falls upon bad times. Hence be smart in understanding the responsibility of your own karmas.
The seventh ‘Principle of Manifesting Thoughts’ is Whatever thoughts laced with emotions and beliefs are created by our Conscious mind, our Subconscious begets similar magnified experiences from the Universal Consciousness. This is Manifestation of Thought. Hence be responsible of what you think and do. Even just ‘thinking’ produces karma, and every karma has to have a corresponding effect.