Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Why are innocent Babies born with a physical or mental deformity?

Friends, a lot of people question that if all that we are, or all that is our situation, is owed to the fact that we unknowingly used the ‘Principles of Manifesting Thoughts’ or even the ‘Law of Attraction’ (made famous by the book "the Secret"); how does one explain the same for children who are born of a physical or mental deformity?
One answer to this is medical- The cause is in the DNA makeup. This is definitely a medical reasoning provided, but how come the Law of the Universe make mistakes for only one child and not other healthy offspring or family members?
Let us try & understand this phenomenon & event through the ‘Principles of Manifesting Thoughts’.
Please remember the Principles are Equal for all. These babies, (forget about using the Principles) are unaware of anything & have been born into this world. Yet these children and with them, the parents and family suffer? Even if we, having heard & contemplated upon the Law of Karma, for once accept that the child in previous births may have accumulated negative karma, what about the family – the mother, father, grandparents, siblings, etc. Why are they also a part of this suffering?
Well, this is understood by contemplating on the issue at hand through the Principle numbers 4 and 6 of the ‘Principles of Manifesting Thoughts’. The Principle number 4 makes one understand the fact that Karmic records are held in our very own Subconscious aura, which travel over time & hence are part of our Souls or Consciousness. The manifestation of the same is due to Principle number 6, which also highlights the need of Responsible Karma in the life of us human beings. (For the 7 'Principles of Manifesting Thoughts', you may visit my website www.ashishmehta.co.in)
Human beings, although individualistic in nature, travel as Group Souls. The Karma is individualistic as well as group-defined. Hence the sufferings, as well as caring and serving of the little baby are ‘collective in nature’.
View your own group/ family/ work place colleagues’ lives through these principles, and you will realize a lot of unanswered questions of your life.
May love, peace, joy & good fortunes be yours’.