Thursday, 9 January 2014

An excerpt of the last 3 concerns that are being taken up in my book ‘Manifesting Smooth Transitions… Adolescence to Adulthood’

Concern 9 : At this age how do we know what are our Life Goals? We haven’t even seen the world enough, yet in today’s global competitive scenario, we have no options but to choose. But how do we do so?

Concern 10 : When to and when not to get into a physical relationship, is a big concern for all adolescents. Love, relationships and intimacy is what we will take up and discuss.

Concern 11 : For most of us the pressure of studies is a headache. Only if we knew about ‘Smart Studying’ - minimum effort with maximum results is the buzz word.

These are a few of the concerns we will take up in this book, but before we do that, just by reading a book, dramatic changes in approach and situations cannot be brought about. We need something which will, on a deeper level, subtly help in the shifts we wish to bring into being; which will be on a more permanent level.

This something that I will lead you through is, with the ‘Principles of Manifesting Thoughts’. Once you understand the same, you would be able to use these very principles in various life situations as well as corporate or work situations. 

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