Saturday, 4 January 2014

Concerns 3 & 4 of adolescents being taken up in ‘Manifesting Smooth Transitions… Adolescence to Adulthood’

Friends, in continuation of my post yesterday, of providing excerpts from my soon-to-release book ‘Manifesting Smooth Transitions… Adolescence to Adulthood’, reproduced below are Concerns 3 & 4, which have been taken up in the book:

Concern 3 : All of us or rather most of us are on various networking sites because Social acceptance and networking is today a must. But how do we extract the best out of it.

Concern 4 : Our elders lay down either by example or by word certain beliefs and value systems. As the new generation who is being handed down these, Challenging accepted beliefs and value systems and rebelling is common. In fact too common. So what is the correct approach?

The concerns are addressed according to the ‘Principles of Manifesting Thoughts’ which are formulated & promulgated by yours truly. Synopsis, Previews & Links to all my books can be found at

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